about vários sabores


Vários Sabores, S.A. was founded in 2004, born from the will and commitment of its two founders, Paulo Mateus and Eugénio Santos, with the objective of stand out in the food market for their values of innovation, quality and trust. The company was initially conceived in the fine pastries segment, with a special focus on the gourmet pies and several desserts.

In the first two years, the company was more focused on producing desserts for Canal Horeca. After this period of time, the perspective was extended to the whole food area, although always specialised in fine pastries, but already starting in the Large Distribution market.

In 2015, an international project has been started, in which it was presented at a number of food sector trade fairs in Europe, resulting in contacts that gave rise to the opportunity to diversify the scope of the customer portfolio.

In 2016, the company felt the need to increase production capacity in order to correspond with the confidence that the market had shown to the and, as a result, moved ahead with the construction of a new production unit in the Caldas da Rainha Industrial Area, where it began activity in 2017 with the great novelty of contemplating an R&D laboratory for new products equipped and adapted to market requirements.

After this paradigm shift, the commercial focus began to focus more and more on customer needs and on making resources available for customized solutions and thus protecting them in their type of market, fostering partnerships of excellence.

Nowadays, Vários Sabores is a reference in the modern distribution market and has recently advanced to the food service, where it currently has some reference customers at the highest level. As a reliable company and brand, it seeks to always be inserted in differentiated and bold projects, in order to be more and more a company of excellence in the global food market.



Vários Sabores is a company with character in its values, which must understand a great capacity for innovation and adaptability, with balanced and responsible irreverence.



Trust - This is achieved by the example of trusting, delegating and respecting everyone, which strengthens relations and ensures the future;

Passion - Always brings the result of our actions to a level above the expected;

Quality - Everything that deserves to be done, deserves to be well done;

Ambition - Permanent dissatisfaction for wanting to know more and learn more;

Gratitude - Acknowledging, giving back recognition.



Creation of value to all stakeholders involved in the Vários Sabores Universe.

Developing ideas, products and services, always focused on the balance between people, civic society and planet earth.



Ability to find balance and harmony in the trilogy: Taste, Wellness and Sustainability.

Active participation in the food trends of the future with the appropriate solutions.



Attract, retain and optimize resources that ensure excellence in our work, allowing a permanent and effective evolution, always preserving the values of the Vários Sabores, a reference in the market and civic society.